Quick Sketch of the day

I am cat sitting for the holiday break, and this was just a quick sketch I did of my friends’ cat, Milo.

b2I also made a quick sketch of a character that I want to explore someday ~ Mr. Millet. I have often thought about writing comics about being a teacher, and Mr. Millet could be a part of that. It’s difficult, however, to create emotion on the face of an owl, or bird, or whatever the heck he is! I have always struggled with drawing faces; animals were my favorite subject as a kid. I especially loved drawing horses. I could draw a horse in my sleep, or a pegasus or a unicorn. I read an interview with a successful cartoonist. They asked him “where were you trained?” He said something like “I never had formal art training; I learned just like everyone else–doing sketches during class in my notebook.” I can think of one very talented 7th grader in my English class who draws non-stop. She is amazingly talented. I definitely encourage my students’ doodling. I believe it keeps the brain active and creative while listening in class.



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