About the Otters


We didn’t choose the creative life, the creative life chose us!

This is us, many moons ago. We are Heather and Rachel, sisters from the Pacific Northwest and we live to be creative. Who are we now?

Meet Heather ~


I am the mastermind (muwahahah) and whip cracker behind River Otters. Dreaming about anything for too long makes me claustrophobic–I’m a do-er and a workhorse. I love cute things like Korean Stationary and quirky memes. My very best friend in the whole wide world is my husband. I admire wild women and my 12 year old Jack Russell Terrier, Oscar. Hidden talent: I love music and can perfectly lip sync Bust a Move by Young M.C. and Ice Ice Baby by Vanilla Ice.

For more on my educational background, please see our CV/RESUME page.

About Our Name ~

The otter’s symbolism is female energy, revealing one’s talents, recovery, sisterhood, and joy. In both Native American and Celtic cultures, they are regarded as the masters of play.

For the otter, life is not a burden to be endured, it is a journey to be enjoyed.

Meet Rachel ~


“Silent” partner in River Otters Creative. Along with raising two adorable and rambunctious children, she has designed logos for businesses, graphic designs for t-shirts. Her illustrations have appeared in local publications and advertising; many of her fine art pieces reside in local homes throughout the Northwest. Her most recent International trip was to South Korea, where she enjoyed walking through traditional fish markets, eating whole baby crabs and checking out Korean coffee shops. Hidden talent: making cool little stuffed toys like Narwhals.

For more of Rachel’s portfolio see our RESUME/CV PAGE.

Our Creative Inspirations ~

Frida Kahlo

Salvador Dahli

Charles Shultz

Gary Larson

Gustav Klimt


Lisa Congdon

Wes Anderson

Andy Kaufman

Ooh La La Korean Stationary

Zach Galifianakis

Clever Memes

Bill Murray

Nick Offerman Woodshop http://offermanwoodshop.com/

Gemma Correll http://www.gemmacorrell.com/

Stella Mars http://www.stellamarrs.com/

Art Box http://www.artbox.co.kr/main/index.asp


“The cave you fear to enter holds the treasure you seek.” ~ Joseph Campbell



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