Blogging & Writing Portfolio

Heather Douglas Portfiolio

Editor & Writer, Astoria Rain Stories of Astoria, Oregon

Guest Blogger, 7 Korean Meals You Won’t Want to Miss and Three You Will, ESL101, June 2015

Guest Blogger, Top 9 Must Do Experiences When Traveling and Teaching in Korea, Truth Teacher Services, May 2015

Guest Blogger, Bringing a Pet to South Korea: The Reality, ESL101, May 2015

Guest Blogger, Body Image in Korea: An American Female Perspective, ESL101, April 2015

Guest Blogger, Save Money While Teaching Abroad: A Game Changer For Many, Truth Teacher Services, April 2015

Ghost Blogger, Blue Scorcher Bakery Astoria, OR. 2014-present

Guest Blogger: Top 6 Tried and Tested Teaching Strategies for Your ESL Classroom, Truth Teacher Services, April 2015

Guest Blogger: The First Tastes of Korea: Dining Out, Truth Teacher Services, March 2015

Ghost Blogger: Sow a Seed Farm Visit, Blue Scorcher Bakery Blog, March 2015

Guest Blogger: Jindo Parting of the Sea Festival, ESL101, March 2015

Guest Blogger: Observations of American Students Versus Korean Students, ESL101, March 2015

Guest Blogger: How to Stop the Chaos and Manage Your Classroom, ESL101, March 2015

Guest Blogger: 5 Things I Wish I Had Known Before Getting My Masters in Teaching, ESL101, March 2015

Blogger, ESL101, “Blogger of the Month” & “Popular Blogger” Award February 2015

Ghost Blogger: Worker Spotlight: An Interview With Nyk Stephens & Jed Campiche, Blue Scorcher Bakery Blog, February 2015

Guest Blogger: Customize Your Own Korea Experience, ESL101, January  2015

Ghost Blogger: Farmer Spotlight: Local Forager Veronica Williams of All Wild, Blue Scorcher Bakery Blog, January 2015

Guest Blogger: Top 10 Sure Fire Ways to Enjoy Your South Korea Experience, ESL101, January 2015

Guest Blogger: Lost in Translation: Makkoli and Silkworm Larvae, ESL 101, January 2015

Guest Blogger: Hangeul Day, Gwangju International News, South Korea October 2012

Guest Blogger: Alumna Teaches in South Korea Boxer & Badger Notes, Pacific University Alumni March 2011

Writer/Photographer Hipfish Monthly Astoria, OR. (pre-Internet)


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