Quick Sketch of the day

I am cat sitting for the holiday break, and this was just a quick sketch I did of my friends’ cat, Milo.

b2I also made a quick sketch of a character that I want to explore someday ~ Mr. Millet. I have often thought about writing comics about being a teacher, and Mr. Millet could be a part of that. It’s difficult, however, to create emotion on the face of an owl, or bird, or whatever the heck he is! I have always struggled with drawing faces; animals were my favorite subject as a kid. I especially loved drawing horses. I could draw a horse in my sleep, or a pegasus or a unicorn. I read an interview with a successful cartoonist. They asked him “where were you trained?” He said something like “I never had formal art training; I learned just like everyone else–doing sketches during class in my notebook.” I can think of one very talented 7th grader in my English class who draws non-stop. She is amazingly talented. I definitely encourage my students’ doodling. I believe it keeps the brain active and creative while listening in class.



Contour Line Drawings by Heather

“Nathan” contour drawing
“J.J. contour drawing”
“John” contour drawing

Contour line drawings is a technique in which the artist looks closely at the subject and uses a continuous line to create the drawing, only looking after the drawing is finished. I really used to love doing these contour line drawings in our 4-H art club as a kid. My favorite part was when they turned out funny or accidentally exaggerated something about the subject that was unexpected and you end up laughing so hard your soda comes out of your nose. I did these quick drawings of my students the other day in class right before holiday break; they loved posing for the quick drawings and then quickly snatched the finished drawing, running around the room laughing and saying “I look like an old man,” or “omg, that’s totally your hair, John!” I love contour drawings because they really keep the self critic at bay until the drawing is finished, and they sometimes capture the personality of the subject in a way that is very unique. I’m also including a contour drawing I did in high school “let sleeping dogs lie.”