Illustrated Portrait, Nailed it.


It cracks me up to post some of my most horrifically bad drawings. So my husband has been working on this site called “MTurk.” It’s a site that posts micro jobs that can be done via computer. One of the jobs tonight was creating an illustrated portrait from a photo of a really nice looking couple, which I titled “Awesome Couple.” When he saw the listing, I immediately said I would do it, although it only paid 10cents per drawing. I spent about 15 minutes and did a sort of contour drawing that turned out really funny! I kept laughing and saying “it’s sooo ugly!” “They look sooo bad!” I even wrote on the drawing a little note that said “I promise you’re a very nice looking couple in real life!” LOL. By the time the drawing was done, we were laughing so hard that I had tears streaming down my face and I was laughing so hard I fell onto the bed because it hurt so much. Just to make the drawing all that much atrocious, I added a super weird cat staring through the window. They look like Beavis and Butthead. So sorry, random awesome couple on MTurk. Oh yeah, because I’m a big fan of memes, I also made a meme of the image because it was just too dang funny. It was totally worth the 10 cents.57650665